The focus is to make all young minds bloom

An integrated curriculum is necessary to train all students, and at the “Big Apple Academy” the use of A-Beka books and a combination of other resources will meet and fulfill all class needs. the following information condenses our curriculum into a general overview should you be interested.

Social Development:
Structured lessons that would help to promote respect for self and others, also confidence in self and teachers. and co-operation with peers and adults. Structured playtime that promotes happiness, positive attractions and teamwork.

Number Skills:   
Demonstrate lessons to promote number identification, counting and introduction to addition and subtraction with a theme that reflects health and global awareness.

Language Development:
Language enhancement through telling poetry, dramatic play and class discussions with recognizable response

Motor Skills: 
Physical Education Lessons with theory and practical sessions to develop muscle growth, control and coordination. Activities included such as running, jumping, throwing, climbing and swinging. Also various classroom activities that will enhance and develop smaller muscles.

Social Studies & Science:
A structured class that would encourage national pride and self pride. With a keen focus on the “Apple “, we will foster in the importance of care for self health and global awareness.

Emotional Skills: 
Students will be thought positive approaches to handling emotions by demonstration, to help develop obedience and respect during disappointing times.

Spiritual Development:
Bible lessons will teach students traditional bible verses and stories, with memory and dramatic play.